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Dealers and Agents

Government Customers

“Thanks again for all the help you provide, you make it easy to market your products.”

- GSCI Dealer, Canada



“I am VERY impressed with both the current TWS series and the Wolfhounds.”

- GSCI Dealer, Australia



“The end user had some issues that were dealt with efficiently. Our customer liked the product so much that now his friend wants to order one!”

- GSCI Dealer, UK



“Thank you for the timely delivery and the quality is superb! My customers are happy, it is hard to explain sometimes why they have to pay more, but once they get the product, its worth every penny!”

- GSCI Dealer, UK



“Very quick service. Thank you for the custom work performed, our client is very happy, our reputation was upheld with this project and we thank you for your cooperation with that, and look forward to working with you again!”

- GSCI Agent, Jordan



 “Thank you for always responding to my requests so quickly. I feel comfortable working with such a reliable company.”

- GSCI Agent, Chile



“Last week we made the field demonstration. The customer liked your Unitec-B50 very well. It turned into additional order of 5 sets.”

- GSCI Dealer, Hungary


 “Such a great product and great customer service. So happy I called you guys before I called to your competitors!”

- End Use Customer, Government of Canada

“Works great for tracking bats! Thank you for the recommendation!”

- End Use Customer, Government of Canada



“You guys do awesome work. I would recommend your company to anyone interested in night vision!”

- End Use Customer, US Government



 “Thank you for the demo of the product, it was very helpful in the decision making process – it was nice how we could just pop by. The rest of the team is enjoying the devices as well now, please feel free to use us as a reference and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

- End Use Customer, Government of Canada



“Neat units, very happy with them so far. You guys (GSCI) had great reviews, and I am glad we went with your products!”

- End Use Customer, Government of Canada



“I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you, GSCI and your government for allowing us to purchase and utilize your thermal and night vision! It is incredible equipment that far exceeds our current gear. It will definitely be a major tool in combating these criminals! I particularly like the thermal as last week I spotted a group of people at night trying to breach the perimeter fence. We were able to react and prevent the poachers from entering. Without your thermal we probably would have never seen them.”

 - End Use Customer, Government of South Africa












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