Advanced Scope TWS Kit




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Advanced Scope TWS Kit


ADVANCED SCOPE TWS Kit is a mission-ready professional optical-electronic system for all-weather, day/night aiming and surveillance. It is designed for a variety of applications that require both weapon-mounted and hands-free observation, as well as for target acquisition purposes.

ADVANCED SCOPE TWS Kit is a rugged thermal weapon sight kit designed for medium-to-long range engagements. The unit features high-performance FPA paired to a “fast” 50mm f/1.0 Germanium objective lens. It is fully waterproof (including salt water), corrosion and shockproof.

ADVANCED SCOPE TWS Kit features a number of highly useful accessories such as wired remote control, wired head Mounted Mini-Display HMD-800, which allows the Operator to remotely control and view the TWS’ image, and at the same time keeping the Operator’s head in line with the original TWS eyepiece. The kit also includes GSCI proprietary recoil mitigation solution.



Advanced Scope TWS

Optical Magnification


Objective Lens System

50mm Focal Length, f/1.0

Field-Of-View (FOV)


Focusing Range

2m .. Infinity

FPA Resolution and Pitch

640x480, 17 micron

FPA Type

Uncooled, a-Si, Shutterless, Silent, Auto-NUC (Uninterrupted Operation)

FPA Refresh Rate


Digital Zoom

2X and 4X


AMOLED, Colour, 800x600

Imaging Modes

1 Monochrome + 8 Colour

Battery Life

Up to 10 hours

Environmental Protection

IP67, Nitrogen Purged

Operating Temperature

-40°C .. +50°C


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